September 14

Term 3 science

In 4/5 stone we have been doing science and in science And we have been working on solids liquids and gas.

we have done a runny race to see which one is faster with solid liquied and gas we used honey water and oil and we worked out that oil was the fastes.

We have done testing with ingredients well with solids,liquieds were we had to grave some every day things and Put them in a cup and mix them. To see if they were a liquied or a solid.

After all I have learnt about solids, liquieds and gases I really enjoy science now.



August 11


In science, we had to experiment the viscosity of honey, water, and oil.

I thought that oil would be the runniest because, I think honey would be the slowest.

What we done first, is got 3 cups and pored the honey in one cup, and water in another  cup, and  oil in a different cup and then we got 3 pins and pocked a hole in each cups.

Then we took the pins out one at a time, and recorded them into our books to see who won.

The slowest liquid was honey. The honey took 33 seconds for it all to pore out of the cup.

The oil came second for it all to pore out, and took 17 seconds to pore out of the cup.

The fastest one was the water,  it took 12 seconds to pore out of the cup.

So the winner was…


water bet oil by 5 seconds and water bet honey by 21 seconds.